Dynamic Fault detection and Optimization of Assignment for Decision-makers in C2-Organization

The Command and Control (C2) organization plays an indispensable role on planning of military operation. Nowadays the plan oriented more uncertaintybattlefield environment is the hot area. Many studies highlight how to rapidlymake or change the plans with detecting advance information. One of the solutions is based the time-domain metric model to evaluate C2 organizational decision-making capability. We develop an improved simulated annealing algorithm to facilitate this model implementation. In order todiscretize the time-domain, we propose a horizon partition that is based on the task dynamic state.Finally, the optimization for a case of multi-force joint operation is numerically conducted to obtain simulation results.The results are compared with the ones from traditional models Computational.It shows the proposed model has better outcomesinaccurately estimatingC2-organization capability.




National University of Defense Tecnology
Changsha, Hunan 410073