Modeling and Simulation Research on Propagation of Public Opinion

Considering nowadays propagation of Public Opinion possessing different regular pattern and effect, it is the respond of reality demand to research on network ropagation mechanism of public opinion. Simulation is conducted based on network structured by improved scale-free network. Instead of study propagation by single method, the paper analyzes the view exchange process in detail by introducing different degree of individual’s stubbornness and belief degree. Deffaunt Model is used and improved. By studying two kinds of initialization, the paper finds out people will have distinct opinion after propagation in the context of non-intervention, learning the nature of network’s influence in propagation. Furthermore, when intervention is taken into consideration, the result shows the finite influence of changing individuals’ opinion by important nodes, suggesting the steadiness of propagation in a certain network. Corresponding suggestions are given towards propagation of public opinion guidance as well.




National University of Defense Tecnology
Changsha, Hunan 410073